Homeschooling is HARD!

People always say “Oh, I could never homeschool.” First of all– yes you could. We all do hard things if we are called to it. If God calls you to homeschool your children, don’t doubt that call. You CAN do it!

But– it is HARD! Parenting is hard. Teaching is hard. Working full-time is hard. Staying at home is hard. Life is hard! We are all called to do different things. And it’s hard!

It is hard to be around your kids 24/7. It is hard to keep up with cleaning when you kids are home 24/7. It is hard to have a minute to just think when the kids are there 24/7. But don’t give up!!! It’s worth it! Your kids are worth it!

Pick your battles. Prioritize. For me, cleaning goes on the back burner. Laundry only happens once a week. Dishes only once a day. And IT’S OKAY!!! Someday my life will be orderly. And quiet. And clean. But until then — we have a messy life!


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