Homeschool Help for Highschool

We have been a part of Classical Conversations which is a national for-profit Homeschool co-op. My oldest son was in the level called Challenge 1. The scope and sequence for this level is impressive. I looked through the guide and LOVED how much my son would learn this year.

Until he didn’t. 🤦‍♀️

He was diagnosed with ADD/ inattentive type. This basically means he has major difficulty focusing and memorizing things. He has always struggled in this area but because we homeschool, we have always managed to make it work.

Being in this co-op he was DROWNING. And so was I. We were both overwhelmed. We, along with his counselor, decided it was in his best interest to quit the co-op. That was hard. I felt like we failed. He felt like he failed.

Enter: ➡️ True North Homeschool Academy. I am part of a great Facebook page where like-minded moms come together and share. Well, I just happen to log on at the right time to see the head of True North post that they are looking for someone to enroll their child in Civics for free in exchange for an honest review.


History and government have always been subjects that my son was interested in. He has never taken an online class before though so I wasn’t sure what to expect.

Here we are, about half way through. They do their classes on ZOOM platform. They meet for a live class once a week for an hour to hour and half. He then emails the video recording of the class so the students can review them as many times as they need to. He also emails homework assignments. None of them have been easy but none of them have impossible.

This has been so good for my boy. He hasn’t felt defeated but he has had to work for his grade. The teacher is very professional while still being personal. My son would describe him as “pretty cool”. That’s huge– if you have ever been around a teen boy, they don’t tend to say anyone older than 25 is cool.

I am SO THANKFUL for this course, and to Lisa for offering it to us. I probably would not have enrolled him in something like this because I am nervous to spend any money on something that I don’t know if he will like. I am SO GLAD we did this. Not only does it open a world for homeschool help. For him. For me.

I highly recommend checking out their website. Check out all they offer. They have courses for all grade levels.

It’s okay to say you cannot do it all alone. It’s okay to outsource some of the classes. My kid has really enjoyed the other kids on his class as well as his teacher. This momma has enjoyed having one less subject to teach. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Homeschool Help for Highschool

  1. I can tell you that True North Homeschool Academy has been a real blessing for our family. My son took Psychology with Lisa Nehring last fall and Civics this spring with Adam Pruzan. Both classes stretched him academically, and he grew more in his writing (an area he struggles in greatly) than I dreamed. He is much more confident and is starting to even write stories on his own – something I never thought I’d see. He has always been exceptionally bright and is eloguent in his speech, but writing has been problematic. Any writing assignment he was given in the past would end with a meltdown. His thoughts would freeze, his posture would stiffen, he simply could not write. His writing (copywork) to begin with is a bit cramped and labored. His spelling is atrocious. Since both Psychology and Civics require a lot of writing assignments, he was able to successfully complete the classes with appropriate support from me. (He dictated his thoughts while I was his scribe. When his thoughts wouldn’t come, I would ask questions and record his responses. Once thoughts were on paper, we together worked on organizing into coherent structure. The process is very labor intensive but wasn’t impossible.) In the end, what I knew was inside him, he was able to express. Thank you, True North, for helping me help my son!

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