Indoor Winter Fun

What do you do when it is cold outside and the kids are going stir crazy inside?

The months of January and February seem to be the hardest months for me. We homeschool. We live in Ohio. Winter means we don’t leave the house much.

We have to be creative to think of things that don’t break the bank and entertain kids in a range of ages.

Activity #1: BUBBLES

1 cup water

1 T glycerin

1 T corn syrup

2 T Dawn dish soap

A pair of cotton cheap winter gloves and you have the ability to hold bubbles! The big boys had fun bouncing the bubble back and forth between them.


We have a indoor rink about 45 minutes from our house that offers discounts to homeschoolers. Be sure to check your local area for specials! Also, local YMCAs often have discounted programs that you can take advantage of.


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