Math…and Dishes…. Dishes Math

Dishes Math

Dana K. White are I are best friends. She doesn’t know that. In fact, we have never met. I discovered her podcast when a friend mentioned it to me. I LOVE systems. I LOVE plans. I HATE cleaning my house. I am the queen of spending 2 hours planning how to get and keep my house clean and then running out of energy before I even start.

I have listened to several different cleaning and organizing gurus and mapped out my whole house. Dividing it into zones, days, charts, lists, etc. But at the end of the day, my house was a mess and I was exhausted.

The systems and charts just weren’t working and I was left feeling like a failure. Until I found Dana. She has a podcast called “A Slob Comes Clean”. The title alone is a little scary. Was I really a slob? Not a title anyone wants to have. But– her way of motivating me and teaching me about how to clean and declutter my house made sense to me.

One of the things she talks about is dishes math. I timed myself today. 22 minutes. 22 minutes is all it took for me to do the dishes from yesterday because I did all of my dishes yesterday too. Dishes math is not a sum. It’s a product. The time it takes to do the dishes multiplies as the days go by. If one day takes me 22 minutes, I always thought 2 days would take me 44. Made sense to me, right? But it doesn’t.

One day of dishes

I wondered why it was SO hard to keep on top of my housework. I would wait 2-3 days to do the dishes because I was tired. I wasn’t in the mood. I didn’t feel like it. 22 minutes is all it would have taken to keep on top of things. But– if I waited until day 2? It takes me at least an hour. Day 3? Almost 2 hours– and I am usually trying to wash them while making dinner because I realized we don’t have enough plates to feed everyone.

22 minutes later

So every time I don’t feel like doing the dishes, I remind myself of dishes math. I remind myself that I will spend LESS time over the course of the week if I just do the dishes!

Check out her blog below!


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