2018/2019 Curriculum Choices

So the #1 question homeschooling moms ask each other is, “What curriculum do you use?” So I thought I would get that out of the way early on. As I have said, we have 4 kids. 3 of them are school age. My youngest is only 3 so we don’t do much that any other parent isn’t doing with their 3-year-old. We read a lot of books, sing a lot of songs, and name a lot of things.

As for the others, we have done Classical Conversations for the past 2 years. CC came into our life when we MUCH needed the accountability, structure, and community. And let’s face it- moms need the community as much as the kids do! T was in Challenge 1 for the first semester but was pulled for this second semester for some medical reasons, which I will save for another post. M is in Challenge A and has science fair tonight! C is in his first full year of foundations, as he joined second-semester last year.

I will continue to share about our experiences and progress as the year progress. I may even share about our science fair tonight! I have anticipation that all will go really well but, as we all know, kids will always surprise us!