Homeschool Plans Change

I think a lot of homeschool parents spend as much time planning what they are going to teach as they do teaching it.

I plan. Then I change my mind. Then I plan something different. Then I change my mind again.

I buy calendars like this one on clearance for $1.00. Plan out my whole year a bazillion times then do something different all together. I plan out each subject for each kid. Then we do something else.

This is our last year of attending a homeschool co-op called Classical Conversations. We have been in it for two years. I am thankful for my time there for a few reasons but glad to be done. We have made many friends and I have learned a lot about myself and my homeschool style.

When we decided to leave, I decided to partner with a few friends to start a different co-op using Claritas as our core memory work. If you have never checked it out– do it!


It is beautiful. I was truly looking forward to the new co-op being a better fit for my family and our current needs.

But– something in my spirit just didn’t feel right. If things go as planned (though they never do) this is my last year to homeschool my second oldest boy. My oldest started in a charter this year and my second son would like to follow suit.

I want rest. I want scholè. I want a restful year to enjoy time with my kids enjoying beautiful things. I have been listening to Sarah MacKenzie’s book Teaching From Rest on Audible. It is worth it to read or listen to it.

God is speaking to me. “Be still, and know that I am God.” Psalm 46:10.

Next year? We will rest in the knowledge of God. We will rest from the frenzied pace and rigor of CC. We will learn together and hopefully grow closer to Him in the process.


Too many directions

Do you ever feel like you are being pulled in too many directions at once? That is me. Everyday.

And I do it to my kids, too. I have good intentions. I want them to learn so many good and beautiful things. And I expect them to do it with vigor and enthusiasm. But they don’t. It is stressing us all out. I want them to have the best, well-rounded education possible. I want them to study poetry, Shakespeare, cursive writing, history, logic, science, Latin, English grammar, geography, memory work, hymns, scripture, writing, math, great literature, and the list goes on. It’s unreasonable. And I end every day like we failed because we didn’t get as much accomplished as I wanted.

On top of school, I want my house to be clean, dishes and laundry to be done. I want a full farm of animals which are well cared for and a large garden. I also work part-time outside the home and love my job. I wish I could work more. I also tutor at a local co-op and am on the planning committee for a new one for next year. I lead our Wednesday night program at our church for the kids and plan outreach programs. I want to do more. I want to be a good mom, wife, and friend.

But I cannot. I cannot do it all. Why do we feel like we need to be wonder-woman? Why do we feel like we need to accomplish everything that would not even be possible to do if I doubled the number of hours in my day?

Prioritize. I need to learn to prioritize. What is MOST important to get done in my day TODAY? What is the most important thing my children are learning TODAY? Yes, I need to have a plan. I need to have balance. But, today my kids learned that mama is crazy. Today my kids learned I have a breaking point. Today, my kids learned that if they stay busy, and away from mom, their lives will be easier. Is that what I really want them learning?????

Rest. I need to learn to rest. Not laying in bed, resting. But resting in the fact that GODS GOT THIS. I don’t. I cannot do enough. I cannot do it all. I need to RELY on the One who made me. Who made the sun, moon, and stars. I am responsible to be obedient to Him. He is responsible for the outcome. STOP. RUNNING. CRAZY! I am not doing any good trying to ‘fit it all in’. Stop. Rest. Breathe. Pray. And then keep going. One step at a time. One thing at a time. Just focus on the most important thing for that moment.



I am constantly re-evaluating our school schedule. As soon as I think I have something that works for us, something changes. Be it our schedule outside of school, our attitudes, or our lesson plans – it changes constantly. I went to a friend to see what works for them, hoping to glean something that may help our family.

Enter: Symposium. This family took time (mostly) everyday to gather as a family and think on and discuss good things. You know– the things we all say we want to do but get so busy checking boxes that we never get to….

Bible reading, family read aloud, poetry, art, music, hymn study…..

We have been making a conscious effort to gather everyday (sometimes at lunch) to do this. Our schedule is flexible but we have been doing better than none at all!

The rotating schedule was an idea from the book “Teaching From Rest” by Sarah MacKenzie. Grab a copy! It is a great book! I listened to it on Audible while I washed dishes.

We are creatures of habit. Try to make them good ones!!


Ohio Weather…. changes

We waited for winter FOREVER this year! Christmas was green. New Years was green. Until, we finally got our first winter storm. My kids LOVED IT, though it does not afford them any snow days. We take sun days instead.

Sunday church was cancelled. Hubby had to work. The kids and I made sugar cookies and snow cream for lunch. It is super easy.


1 cup milk

1/3 cup sugar

1 T. Vanilla extract

8 cups FRESH snow

Mix the first 3 ingredients together then add snow until its the consistency of ice cream. We used about 8 cups.

Of course, you add sprinkles!!

As in life, nothing lasts. Today it is almost 40 degrees, raining and nasty out. Too wet to play outside.

Guess it’s time for more school!! Next up — science research paper for my freshman kiddo!!


2018/2019 Curriculum Choices

So the #1 question homeschooling moms ask each other is, “What curriculum do you use?” So I thought I would get that out of the way early on. As I have said, we have 4 kids. 3 of them are school age. My youngest is only 3 so we don’t do much that any other parent isn’t doing with their 3-year-old. We read a lot of books, sing a lot of songs, and name a lot of things.

As for the others, we have done Classical Conversations for the past 2 years. CC came into our life when we MUCH needed the accountability, structure, and community. And let’s face it- moms need the community as much as the kids do! T was in Challenge 1 for the first semester but was pulled for this second semester for some medical reasons, which I will save for another post. M is in Challenge A and has science fair tonight! C is in his first full year of foundations, as he joined second-semester last year.

I will continue to share about our experiences and progress as the year progress. I may even share about our science fair tonight! I have anticipation that all will go really well but, as we all know, kids will always surprise us!


Life is ALWAYS changing

I am a home school mom. I am a nurse, a chef, a house cleaner, a teacher, a maid, an accountant, a wife, a mother, etc. My list could go on forever. So could yours. We are busy. And the busy is always changing.

I can remember thinking, “I can’t wait to be an adult.” Then it was, “I can’t wait to get married.” “I can’t wait to have kids.” I have to remind myself to STOP waiting for the next phase. The next event. The next class. The next season. Life is ALWAYS changing.

I will never get back today. I will never have THIS moment again. Enjoy it. Enjoy the messiness of life with kids. Enjoy the chaos that comes with homeschooling. And just when you think you got this figured out – it changes.